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Red State Feminists are women and men who find themselves at the intersection of conservatism and feminism, in a world in which many say the two perspectives are incompatible. Red State Feminists believe strongly in their faith and find their highest happiness in their families. At the same time, they do not believe that women are subordinates of men, nor that women should confine their efforts to the home. Red State Feminists embrace motherhood, but also actively contribute to their communities and to the world, using the talents that God has given them for this very purpose. Red State Feminists believe that men and women are to be loving and equal partners in the journey of life, and that the differences between women and men were meant to be a joy and a strength, not a basis for hierarchy, domination, or abuse. Red State Feminists believe that all human collectives, from the family to the nation and beyond, are best led by men and women together in consultation as equals.

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September 13, 2008 by RedStateGal


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