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Red State Feminists think and write about the issues that matter most to them. These may be deeper philosophical issues about the relationahip between feminism and conservatism, or between activism and motherhood. Other issues may include how to articulate Red State Feminism and its objectives to family members, co-workers, co-religionists, and feminists of non-conservative persuasion. Red State Feminists often comment about domestic policy issues and political contests and candidates at the national and state level. RSFs search out the best policy initiatives to address the concerns they have on important domestic and international issues. Red State Feminists also seek to transform the workplace so that it is friendlier to RSF Moms who value their responsibility to raise their children. They share information they have gleaned in their own search with other RSFs, including best practices that they have originated or observed. They strive to creae networks of RSFs locally and nationwide in order to organize grassroots movements tha aim to affect the world in which they live in a positive way.

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September 14, 2008 by RedStateGal